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Overview and prerequisites about uploading customer attributes to the Experience Cloud.

People > Customer Attributes

If you capture enterprise customer data in a customer relationship management (CRM) database, you can upload the data into a customer attribute data source in the Experience Cloud. Once uploaded, leverage the data in Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target .

Topics covered on this page:

Prerequisites for Uploading Customer Attributes

Solution enablement:

To upload customer attribute data, users must be members of the . You must also belong to either an Adobe Analytics group or an Adobe Target group.

Group membership:

To know whether your company has access to customer attributes, your Experience Cloud administrator should log into the Experience Cloud. Navigate to > > . If displays as one of the groups, you are ready to begin.

Users that are added to the Customer Attributes group will see the menu item on the left side of the Experience Cloud interface.

mbox.js version 58 or higher is required for customer attributes.

Target mbox: at.js:

What Is Enterprise Customer Data?

Enterprise data resides in other systems. It can be complex and mean different things to different people. This data can include information such as memberships, loyalty level, age, gender, products owned, interests, and Lifetime Value.

The following image is an example of a data file showing subscriber data for products, including member IDs, entitled products, most-launched products, and so on.

After you create the data file, you can upload it to the customer attribute source that you create in Experience Cloud > Customer Attributes .

See Upload Customer Attribute Data to learn this workflow.

Solution Use Cases

After the data resides in the Experience Cloud, you can customize it and share it to solutions for reporting, segmentation, activities, and campaigns.

For example:

The following topics describe how to upload and validate customer attribute data.

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About data file and data sources for customer attributes Castaner White Campesina 60 Crochet Wedge espadrilles o88RunPeNb
Optional - Upload the data file via FTP Validate the schema Configure subscriptions Impo Nastasia Stretch Flatform Sandal UwjRZTly
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