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Independent research for global prosperity

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Caution: The documentation you are viewing is for an older version of Zend Framework. You can find the documentation of the current version at


ZendService\Twitter — Zend Framework 2 2.2.10 documentation

Introduction Frye Gia Canvas Low Lace Sneaker ofHKs2qX

provides a client for the Twitter API . allows you to query the public timeline. If you provide a username and OAuth details for Twitter, or your access token and secret, it will allow you to get and update your status, reply to friends, direct message friends, mark tweets as favorites, and much more.

wraps all web service operations, including OAuth, and all methods return an instance of .

is broken up into subsections so you can easily identify which type of call is being requested.

To get started, first you’ll need to either create a new application with Twitter, or get the details of an existing one you control. To do this:

Armed with this information, you can now configure and create your ZendService\Twitter\Twitter\Twitter instance:

Make sure you substitute the values you discovered earlier in the configuration before attempting to connect.


Twitter has a known issue with the SSL certificate for their API endpoints, which requires that you use insecure settings for the SSL certificate verification.

Once you have the client configured, you can start consuming it:

Every action you take returns a ZendService\Twitter\Twitter\Response object. This object contains some general purpose methods for determining the status of the response ( isSuccess() , isError() ), and otherwise acts as a value object containing the data returned. Essentially, if the response returns an object, you will be able to access the members listed by the Miu Miu Fabric Ballet Flats 4Xrjt0
. In the case of responses that return arrays, such as the $twitter->search->tweets() example shown earlier, you should use the toValue() method of the response to retrieve the array.

If you wish to dive in more into how authentication works, and what methods are exposed, keep reading!

With the exception of fetching the public timeline, ZendService\Twitter\Twitter requires authentication as a valid user. This is achieved using the OAuth authentication protocol. OAuth is the only supported authentication mode for Twitter as of August 2010. The OAuth implementation used by ZendService\Twitter\Twitter is ZendOAuth .

Creating the Twitter Class

ZendService\Twitter\Twitter must authorize itself, on behalf of a user, before use with the Twitter API (except for public timeline). This must be accomplished using OAuth since Twitter has disabled it’s basic HTTP authentication as of August 2010.

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Sept / Oct 2014 Issue


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by Stephanie Barber | Sep 3, 2014

Editor’s note :The following textwas written by Stephanie Barber, the inauguralART21 + CUE Writing Fellow,in conjunction with Miss KG Seb Studded Flat Boots sAGUMB
,on view at CUE Art Foundation September 6–October 18, 2014. Barber’stext isincluded in the free exhibition catalogue, which is available at CUE and Maison MargielaReplica colour GHhVcjK

Editor’s note

Dina Kelberman. , 2011–ongoing. Tumblr blog of found images and videos. Courtesy the artist.

Smoke becomes fibers and fibers become wood and wood wood packaged and packages packed packages which become buckets which sit on bleachers which surround stadiums which call to grass which calls to painted lawns of chemical colors and turn romantic in the night.

Things become other things and for a short while echo themselves as if trying to ‘get it right.’

What a thing really is is both what it had been (the tree before the wood slats which made the wooden bench) what it could be (the fire caused by the bench’s sad encounter with a cigarette) and what it is not (a roll of pink plastic sheeting). And what a thing is may also be, in Kelberman’s hands, what it might be resonant with (through hue or form or proximity allusive).

Through these varied resonances she is putting the Internet in order.

You can almost hear her frustrated sigh as she, with an obsessive’s swift mouse move, puts the images in the right place. Heretofore untethered, without kin, in the terrifying ether of collective experience, the images breathe a different sigh.

This organizing of the Internet brings to mind Rob Fitterman’s recent organization of some of the internet’s sentences which construct his book No, Wait, Yep. Definitely Still Hate Myself .

The question of sentences organized and reorganized brings to mind Lola Pierson’s recent adaptation of the Peter Handke play Kaspar.

Kelberman’s adaptation is simply placement. Perusal and placement.

Kelberman’s humor is simply placement. Perusal and placement.

Humor is simply reference. Digital hoarder humor.

Kelberman’s piece I’m Google (2011-ongoing) suggests that everything is a reference to everything else and the reference and reverence of such obsession is our modern appetite for both documentation and endless checking in on others’ documentation.

Reference too, is being referenced.

One of the most interesting groups involves a player who is no longer in the league. Favre’s games after 2006 landed in the same cohort as post-2006 Michael Vick and Vince Young, two quarterbacks known for making plays with their feet and not much else. We can explain this by breaking down Favre against Dalton. Although their average QBR is nearly identical, the vast majority of Dalton’s games fall between a QBR of 25 and 75. Favre, the ultimate freelancer, has a big bump around 15 QBR and another between 80 and 85. Dalton won’t win a team the game, but he probably won’t lose it. Favre, however, is likely to do either.

That difference results from playing style, according to John Westenhaver, president of Football Evaluations and a long-time quarterback talent evaluator. An average quarterback makes about half of his throws using nontraditional mechanics because he’s forced out of the pocket or rushed, but the former Green Bay Packers star made many more than that, often to his detriment. “Favre, to me, put that to the extreme. Although he’s passed for a gazillion yards, I think he leads the league in interceptions. 7

Favre threw 336 career interceptions, well ahead of second-place George Blanda’s 277.

Rivers and Luck offer similar stories. Their career QBRs — 61.5 and 60.8, respectively — aren’t quite Manning’s 76.1 or Brady’s 70.1, but they are good enough to rank the pair in the top 10 of quarterbacks whom we examined. Both can make all the throws and post huge numbers, but there’s a general perception that Luck — a Stanford graduate who has the reputation of being a football savant — makes fewer mistakes. We see this in their game curves. Luck has fewer bad games but fewer truly exceptional ones as well, while Rivers has more bad games and great ones, with less middle ground.

This season’s playoff picture provides a look at one possible future. Whereas Rivers watched from home, Luck led the Indianapolis Colts to a win over Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals, then an upset over Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. He didn’t win the games with his play, but more importantly, he didn’t lose them. In other words, a team might not need a quarterback with a huge bump on the right side of the graph to prevail in the NFL, but one with a peak on the left probably dooms it to failure.

We made an interactive tool with all the quarterback curves. Click here to graph density curves of your choosing, and look at the splits for home and away games. There’s a larger sample size of QBs in the interactive, which means players like JaMarcus Russell are involved. Because who doesn’t want to find out which QBs are most similar to JaMarcus Russell?

CORRECTION (Jan. 16, 1:46 p.m.): A previous version of this article misstated Rivers’ and Luck’s career QBRs.

Results, or success, in any population, however, is very differently configured. This can be described as a power law, with a very small number of people owning a very large amount of stuff at one end of the graph, followed by everyone else positioned along a precipitous drop and a very, very long tail.

As evidence, they cite a 2017 Oxfam report that reveals the eight richest people in the world own as much as the 3.6 billion poorest.

To assume that these eight fortunate folk are, by definition, the eight most talented, intelligent and skilful in the world is prima facie absurd. Therefore, their success must be conditioned by some other factor. And this, say Pluchino and his colleagues, is luck – or chance, or randomness, pick your term.

There are, they note, a wide array of studies showing that social or professional advantage can be very strongly influenced by random factors that have no bearing on innate ability.

Names provide multiple examples. There are studies showing, for instance, that scientists whose surnames begin with letters early in the alphabet are more likely to win promotion. People who use their middle initials are more likely to be regarded as clever. People with easy-to-pronounce names are more likely to win positions than those with difficult ones. Men with posh surnames are more likely to end up as managers than factory fodder. And women with masculine-sounding first names who become lawyers are more likely to find preferment than those with girly ones.

And, of course, some types of randomness are so obviously influential that they are rarely remarked upon. Someone born in Boston, for instance, is far more likely to end up working for a Fortune 500 company than someone who happened to be born in Bangladesh.

Correlation is not causation, however, and Pluchino and his team wondered if it was possible to construct a model that actually showed the influence of luck. And guess what? It turns out it is.

The scientists created what they called an agent-based computer model. A large number of individual people were plotted into a confined “world”. Each of the people was allocated a certain quantity of talent – and this amount didn’t change throughout the subsequent experiment.

Gianvito Rossi Suede Half dOrsay AnkleStrap Pumps daPSMEdswg

Each was also allotted an amount of money (or, more precisely, capital ). Every person began with the same amount. However, this could change depending on what happened when the model was running.

The researchers them introduced a certain number of randomly distributed bits of “luck”, some of it good and some of it bad. The luck and the people then circulated in the world – covering a time period equivalent to 40 years. If a person encountered a bit of bad luck, the capital was halved. If the encounter involved good luck, capital doubled. (Talent, remember, never changed.)

Pluchino and his colleagues ran the model multiple times, with several variations, but the results were pretty much always the same.

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